Wing Fat (Jiangsu) Molding was rated as the Industrial Pillar Enterprise in Jiangyan District of Taizhou City in 2020
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Recently, the People’s Government of Jiangyan District, Taizhou City has defined 18 enterprises as the District Industrial Pillar Enterprises in 2020 to fully implement the spirit of the 9th plenary session of the 12th session of the district committee, promote the work of fostering the stronger enterprises, cultivate the backbone supporting force in industrial economy, enhance the comprehensive competiveness in industrial economy in our district and strive to realize the rise and revitalization of Jiangyan with higher quality. Wing Fat (Jiangsu) Molding Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is on the list. 

Wing Fat (Jiangsu) Molding Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the service tenet that customers are god since its establishment and worry what customer worries and think what customer thinks to build the comprehensive competitiveness integrated with research and development, production, service, energy conservation and environmental protection as well as the mature process and excellent quality, which has won sound reputation in the customers and the industry. 


Since the settlement in Dalun Town, Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, under the amiable care and guidance by the party committee and government departments of the higher level, Wing Fat (Jiangsu) Molding has made remarkable achievements in various aspects and won multiple honorary titles in the district, city and province. The company adheres to the original intention of people first and repay the society, insists on scientific development, earnestly implements the policies by the local government departments, always remembers the tenet of repay the society, promotes the development of the surroundings, solves the problem of local employment, become a good enterprise and benefits the people around.

The achievement of honors is both the encouragement and spur to all the staff in Wing Fat who will continue to forge ahead, adhere to the scientific development, become social backbone, strive for scientific innovation and speed up growth, respond to national policies, implement the policy spirit of the leading department at upper level, fulfill the corporate social responsibility and unite as one to expand enterprising and continue to write a new glory with integrity, responsibility, practicability and innovation.   

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