Fire Protection for All Staff to Build Safety of the Company
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With the approach of winter, the weather is dry and less rain, the company is faced with a severe fire safety situation. In order to regulate and strengthen the fire safety management, carry out the concept of "Everybody shall be responsible for fire safety,", further improve the company staff’s responses to emergency safety accidents, prevent and reduce the damage caused by fire, and guide all staff to master more methods of fire fighting, escape from fire and self-rescue, the company organized a fire emergency evacuation drills for the day and night shifts staff on November 15, 2019.

At 13:00 p.m. and 20:00 p.m. on November 15, 2019, the safety officer of the company found the fire danger in the factory area and immediately informed the chief commander and sounded the fire alarm bell at the same time. Under the command of the chief commander, the staff of all production areas, dormitories and canteens evacuated from the exit doors of each area quickly and orderly, and assembled at the emergency assembly point of the factory area.



Orderly evacuation of staff in all regions


Day and night shifts staff arrived at safe assembly point

After all staff arrived at the emergency assembly point, the safety officer counted the number of people and reported to the deputy commander in chief that all employees had been evacuated and all employees had arrived at the emergency assembly point safely. The deputy commander in chief delivered a mobilization speech to all staff: Safety incidents are not trivial. Let's start with fire prevention. Everyone must be familiar with fire safety knowledge in daily life and work, and improve personal fire safety awareness.


Assistant to General Manager Zhang Guoce made a mobilization speech

Then, the safety officer conducted an on-site demonstration teaching to demonstrate how to confirm whether the fire extinguisher can be used according to the status of fire-fighting equipment components such as nozzle, safety plug and pressure gauge, and explained to the staff how to use the fire extinguisher. The staff participating in the drill listened carefully and actively participated in the practice on the scene.



Safety officer explained medical rescue knowledge on the scene (cardiorespiratory resuscitation)

Through the fire drill, all staff further understood the safe evacuation route in the company, mastered relevant fire fighting knowledge, and improved their ability to response to emergencies. Through the drill, all staff are reminded to maintain a high level of safety awareness at all times in their work and life. The participation of all staff in fire fighting safety work will surely be conducive to the promotion of the safety, health and orderly development of the company, and will make positive contributions to the construction of a safe Wing Fat company and the construction of a harmonious society.

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