Secretary Li Wenbiao of Jiangyan District Party Committee Visited Wing Fat (Jiangsu) Molded Fiber and Investigated the Situation of Epidemic Prevention and Control and Resumption of Work
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During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, Secretary Li Wenbiao of Jiangyan District Party Committee and his party visited the site of Wing Fat (Jiangsu) Molded Fiber in the morning of February 16, 2020 for investigation. Secretary Li made a thorough and detailed understanding of the current situation of enterprise epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work, and fully affirmed the continuous production of the enterprise during the Spring Festival and the implementation of various measures for epidemic prevention and control.

Accompanied by Mr. Che Dali, General Manager of Wing Fat (Jiangsu) Molded Fiber, Secretary Li and his party reviewed various preventive and control measures and key points of the company and held an on-site office meeting.


In the on-site office meeting, three aspects were clarified:

First, the importance of epidemic prevention and control

Among the epidemic prevention and control measures of the enterprise, They were very satisfied with the measures in the entry and exit control of personnel, the control of logistics vehicles, the temperature measurement of all personnel twice a day, the management of food samples in the canteen, and the whole-area disinfection of the whole factory twice a day, etc.. Wing Fat (Jiangsu) Molded Fiber was approved as a batch of resumption enterprises.

Secretary Li pointed out that at this stage, it is still necessary to strengthen the measures for prevention and control of epidemic in internal enterprises, and there should be no slack. Enterprises are personnel intensive enterprises, so the health of personnel must be given priority.

Second, the urgency of work resumption during the epidemic

At present, the rate of resumption of work in enterprises is only 30%, mainly due to the epidemic, employees cannot return to work as scheduled. In this case, Secretary Li specifically instructed:

  1. The government of Dalun Town shall assist the recruitment of enterprises, increase the promotion of the on-boarding of local employees, and assist the recruitment of 150 people.

   2. For employees who have not returned to work in Jiangsu Province, they can be arranged to take up the post after passing the physical examination (chest C/T and blood test).

  3. For employees outside Jiangsu Province, relevant procedures for entering Jiangyan District shall be handled with the assistance of the government in town.

   4. After employees outside Jiangsu Province arrived in Jiangyan, they shall be isolated in the company for 14 days without having to go to a centralized place for isolation.

   5. Enterprises are under great pressure in operation during the epidemic period, and there is no specific preferential policy for the time being. The government shall focus on this issue, and shall fully support enterprises if there is a specific and clear document issued.

    6. It is hoped that the enterprise can increase the investment of information and intelligence, optimize the human resources to a good state, and ensure the rapid and large-scale production of the factory.

Third, the necessity of investment expansion

It is hoped that the headquarters of Wing Fat (Jiangsu) Molded Fiber will increase its investment in Jiangyan District, and strive for Wing Fat (Jiangsu) Molded Fiber to achieve the 1 billion revenue target in the next five years. The government will do its best in supporting services and guarantees.

Before the end of the meeting, Secretary Li of the District Party Committee instructed the Dalun Town Government to fully assist the enterprises to resume work quickly, and at the same time, use this extraordinary period to increase the publicity efforts of local personnel to come to enterprises for employment. It is hoped that through this epidemic event, the enterprise will apply the relevant prevention and control experience accumulation to the later production and operation, cultivate the wartime ability in peacetime, improve the ability of internal random defecation, strengthen crisis management, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.

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