Wing Fat (Jiangsu) Molded Fiber Sent Gifts to the “Queens” on the Women’s Day
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“Charming and enchanting, more gorgeous than peach blossoms, ambitious to compete against their male colleagues, women hold up half the sky.” The annual Women’s Day is coming soon. It’s a festival dedicated to women and a day of beauty.

On the occasion of the annual Women’s Day, the Company made careful preparations and gave away thoughtful holiday gifts to create a full, happy and meaningful festival for all the female employees.

On the afternoon of March 6, 2019, under the organization of the Administrative Department, women workers received their respective benefits. In the big family of the Company, they spend their youth working conscientiously and hard in various positions. They not only shoulder their responsibilities on their respective posts, but also bear the burden of their families, living up to the name of holding up “half the sky”

On every important holiday, the Company’s humane care will always warm the heart of every employee. Our endeavor not only enhances everyone’s sense of belonging, but also stimulates the enthusiasm of everyone’s dedication, forming good corporate centrifuging force and cohesiveness.

On the occasion of this holiday, the Company sincerely wishes all female employees health and happiness, confidence and beauty, and a happy holiday!

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